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Trade santa review
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Hey guys. And welcome to today’s post: Trade Santa For Binance Review

TradeSanta For Binance Review: Introduction

In today’s post, I’m going to be reviewing TradeSanta for Binance, a brand new automated crypto trading bot, that is available for free right now to try out and trade the crypto markets 24/7 on autopilot.

So, as you can see, I’m here at the Website right now And basically what I’m going to do is go through the Website and all the aspects of the actual service itself and show you a bit of the background in the actual interface because I’m actually testing it out right now myself.

So, just to give you a quick overview and some things that are key to this service TradeSanta supports the following exchanges right now: Exchange, Bitfinex, Bittrex and hit BTC with more coming soon.

TradeSanta for Binance

TradeSanta Binance Supported Exchange

So, it’s a super-powerful interface guys but it is very simplified as well so it works for both experienced and beginner traders.

I’ll walk you through the platform but essentially the way this works guys is through an algorithm, which has been developed to support long and short positions, take profits and track progress, use technical indicators and filters and have an unlimited number of bots and trading pairs as well.

Now, if we scroll down here, as you can see right now, there are 3707 active trading bots, over 973977 completed deals and 19091 active users on this platform. (updated 12/08/19)

So, it’s working very well right now and at the moment they are putting this service out for free for people to get into the TradeSanta for Binance community and actually grow this platform. Being compatible with Binance is a great start.

Cost Behind TradeSanta

So, eventually, there may be some cost behind this platform. I have spoken with some of the developers and they say that at the moment the service is free but there may be subscriptions in the future.

However, why not get on and give this thing a trial it is free and get to know how it all works before you have to start paying for it.

About TradeSanta

So, all we’re going to do is jump over here to the About Us section as well, so I can give you a bit more detail. Essentially it uses cloud-based software guys to automate your trading strategies and make trading accessible to everyone.

So, it’s really easy to automate your trading and these crypto trading bots are becoming more prevalent in the industry right now with many popping up every single day.

Trade Santa Review

About TradeSanta

So, there are different ways to configure this, but you choose a trading pair a strategy, take profit levels and other different settings and there is a wizard that actually guides you through this process as well.

So there’s a lot of help if you are a bit confused with setting up your bot.

How to Setup Binance Bot on TradeSanta

It is very simple though, you can literally set this thing up within 10 minutes. It’s super easy. It works efficiently and has other different features including extra orders, which has a really nice one.

if you can see this schematic basically, what it does, is if the market fluctuates based on your initial strategy, the bot will actually optimize for that and create a new strategy.

How to Start with TradeSanta

So, as you can see this one being the initial by an initial sell and if the price drops down, the bot can actually pick that up and buy some more and sell at a lower target there as well.

So, you’re still making money 24/7 around the clock. Like I said, there’s 24/7 support. So, you can contact them by email or telegram at any time if you need to know anything more about this, but it’s been reported on the COIN telegraph and use BTC as well guys.

So, this is great but it’s legit and it does work. That’s a free service right now and it’s really a no brainer to get over there and start testing this thing out to sign up. It’s very very easy.

Trade Santa Features

TradeSanta Features

All you have to do is come and hit the sign-up button on the main page here, the link will be in the description below.

Once you sign up, you’ll go through some verifications and things like that and then you will be asked to set up your API key. So, this is probably the most complex part of actually setting up your bot.

There is a lot of things out there to explain this process though if you are unsure or your experience but it is pretty easy. You go to the exchange of choice.

So for me, it’s Binance you head over to your API settings any create any API. Now from here, you’ll be generated an API key and a secret key as well and you will input them into the TradeSanta for Binance bot.

TradeSanta Dashboard

But the main thing to note here is that it doesn’t actually enable withdrawals so this is generally completely safe as long as you don’t share your API keys with anyone else.

No one else will have access to your funds. So, essentially what this does is allows your bot to remotely access your funds that are placed on your exchange of choice and trade with them and make your profits on a daily basis.

So, I’ve just jumped on and had a little bit of a play around with it. I did have a few errors initially as you guys can see because I didn’t have this thing quite set up correctly.

But as you guys can see, it’s executed a trade here successfully just 15 minutes ago and it made me around 2 cents on profit but I only had about 20 or 30 dollars put into the bot.

So, that’s a good test score and that’s what you want to do start with these low numbers, actually, make sure it works for you before you actually go and put in he’s sort of big amounts.

Obviously, there are risks involved. Guys, so there’s no guarantees you’re going to make a profit with this software.


However, from my experience and the experience of my colleagues as well that I’ve spoken to about crypto trading bots. These things can be very very lucrative guys if you do set them up correctly.

You’ll be very impressed with some of the results that you can obtain.

tradingsanta crypto bot results result after 2 days testing with small trades.

So if you want to check out the FAQs on TradeSanta for Binance, you can come over here and do that sort of thing.

No commissions charged by TradeSanta completely free service right now. It’s a no brainer. I’ve got a full board of documentation here that you guys can come and check out if you’re unsure of any of the jargon throughout the Website.

You can come and check that out as well. I highly recommend it but that’s basically it for TradeSanta. I’m sure you guys will be able to set this up seamlessly if you’d have any problems drop in the comments and I’ll be happy to help.

But there is lots of documentation available for you guys to get help with setting this thing up.

So, jump over to and let me know what you will think.

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