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    Those who have problems using Binance in the USA may want to try the U.S. based company Bittrex International. It may be the closest thing to a true U.S. equivalent of Binance, with an extensive list of features.

    One can choose their own level of security with the Bittrex service. If one can accept limitations on how much they withdraw, one does not have to bother with two-factor verification.

    If one wants to be as secure as possible and to have no withdrawal restrictions, one can verify their identity more fully. More than a hundred different coins can be traded on Bittrex, so it is comparable to Binance if one is interested in trading more obscure cryptocurrencies.

    One criticism of Bittrex is that they suspend accounts for suspicious activity frequently, so a potential user should investigate the seriousness of these claims before opening a Bittrex account.

    Answered on August 7, 2019.
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