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    Many people lost faith in the security of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange after the successful theft of a large number of bitcoins from its users. They may be interested in alternative platforms that no one has yet managed to steal a large number of coins from. Two significant alternatives that have not yet had any large security breaches are:

    a) Coinmama Cryptocurrency Marketplace While Coinmama is relatively small (it has only half a million traders) it is not so small as to pose any problems for traders. Based in Israel, the company focuses on making cryptocurrency trading less time consuming and dangerous than it is on other platforms. One can easily buy coins on Coinmama using their credit and debit cards, and so far, there have been no significant security breaches. One significant disadvantage of the Coinmama Marketplace is that it only offers Bitcoin and Ether at the current point in time. Therefore, it cannot be used by those who intend to make money off of trading less well-known coins. The Coinmama Marketplace allows users to buy small amounts of cryptocurrency without having to verify their identity, which may make it ideal for the newest traders. Whether or not Coinmama is available in the United States depends on which state you live in. At the current point in time, it is available in 24 states.

    b) CEX.IO Cryptocurrency Exchange CEX.IO is a London, U.K. based cryptocurrency exchange that also has a reputation for security. CEX.IO avoids the legal grey areas and is fully licensed to what it does under U.K. law. It has never had a theft comparable to what happened with Binance. CEX.IO began its history as a cloud mining company, and from there became a cryptocurrency exchange primarily. While CEX.IO has the advantages of low fees, international availability, and security, it does not offer as many features as Binance does. Only four fiat currencies and ten cryptocurrencies are traded on CEX.IO. This does not, however, mean that CEX.IO is a bare-bones service. CEX.IO fully supports automated investment tools such as being able to place stop orders and limit orders.

    Answered on August 7, 2019.
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