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    Two alternatives to the Binance exchange that cryptocurrency traders might be interested in are the bitFlyer Cryptocurrency Exchange and the SatoshiTango Cryptocurrency Exchange. Both of these exchanges have good reputations and are often available in countries where Binance is difficult to access.

    While the largest and probably the most feature-complete cryptocurrency exchange in the world is Binance, many traders nonetheless prefer other platforms.

    The SatoshiTango Cryptocurrency Exchange is based in Argentina and available in many countries but deals largely with South American traders that may have trouble using other exchanges. Like most other exchanges, SatoshiTango requires identity verification. One cannot simply submit and verify an e-mail address to create an account. This is not secure enough for cryptocurrency exchanges that are targeted by hackers if they do not use strong security measures.

    If one lives in Argentina one can acquire a debit card that can be used to trade cash for bitcoins all over the country. Customer service is limited to e-mail support. The SatoshiTango exchange offers fewer features than other cryptocurrency exchanges and is not of much use to advanced investors.

    If one simply wants to buy and sell bitcoin, then the company provides a good security reputation and low fees. However, most other cryptocurrency exchanges offer far more features. Based in Japan and appealing first and foremost to European traders, the bitFlyer exchange has established a good reputation by reliably avoiding hacking incidents since the business was founded.

    Trading fees are small, and one will not have any trouble using it to buy Bitcoin and Ether in the United States. Those who find the identity verification process of other exchanges frustrating may have an easier time signing up for bitFlyer.

    On another level, there is no support for more than a very few types of cryptocurrency unless one is trading in Japan. Elsewhere, only Bitcoin and Ether can be traded.

    Answered on August 7, 2019.
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