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    In order to install Binance on your new phone, there is a simple but multi-step process you must go through. Primarily, you must install Google Authenticator through the app store on your phone.

    This app isn’t only a plus for those installing Binance, but it can put an additional wall of security around some of your other important applications. Secondly, you must head to the Binance website through a web browser on any of your devices. Here you will need to enable the application on Binance.

    Then, open your application on your phone and begin the process of adding Binance to Google Authenticator. Afterward, go back to the web browser in which you opened up the Binance website.

    Make sure you enable Google authentication. Lastly, log into the Binance application on your phone and follow the authentication instructions provided.

    Answered on August 7, 2019.
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