Coinbase to binance without fee

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    To transfer cryptocurrencies from Coinbase to Binance, one must first, of course, have an account for both exchanges. A transfer can occur directly from one exchange to the other and does not require you to withdraw funds to your wallet first.

    After buying some coins on Coinbase, one can click on the accounts button on Coinbase, followed by the send button, which has a paper airplane icon beside it. If you do not know your Binance receiving address, log in to Binance and copy it. Make sure you copy the whole address into the address field on Coinbase.

    Make sure that you send the right type of cryptocurrency – sending the wrong type can result in permanent loss of your funds. It should only take minutes or seconds for the transfer to go through. Head to Binance, click on funds, and then click on transaction history.

    The coins should be in your Binance account now. By sending funds directly from coinbase to Binance instead of withdrawing the funds first, one can reduce their transaction fees. However, one cannot wholly avoid fees in this way.

    Answered on August 23, 2019.
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