Binance Zilliqa Token Swap

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    The token swap is a system that allows you to convert ERC20 ZILs from the Ethereum network to natural ZILs on the Zilliqa network in a one-to-one ratio. This is of paramount importance to all token holders as the trade in ERC 20 ZILs will be permanent.

    It is recommended that you change your tokens as early as possible.

    Eventually, after a deadline, the ERC20 ZILs will remain constant and will be restored. Local ZILs in the Zilliqa home network will only be the ZIL token. To use the various Dapps in the ZIL ecosystem, local markers are needed as a gas charge, similar to Ethereum ‘ETH markers.

    Binance, Coinone, Kucoin, OKEx,, Upbit, Huobi, Coinhako and CoinEx exchanges. Traders can withdraw their bells from the home network immediately after depositing ERC20.

    To change your ERC20 Zilliqa, simply create a recipient address for any ERC20 token and send your ERC20 ZIL to it.


    Answered on August 1, 2019.
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