Binance substratum

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    Just as a cryptocurrency has an enormous amount to gain by being listed on the Binance exchange, a cryptocurrency can rapidly lose value of Binance decided to unlist it.

    If a cryptocurrency fails to live up to the standards that the Binance exchange expects of it, it can end up being unlisted. One cryptocurrency that has recently lost its listing on Binance is Substratum. Along with CLOAK, SUB, MOD, WINGS, and SALT it was recently removed from the Binance exchange.

    Customers were given a few months to withdraw their funds before the coins disappeared forever. The price of Substratum immediately dropped by 38 percent as soon as the news appeared. Almost all of the trading of Substratum was on the Binance exchange.

    The developers of Substratum reject the idea that this is the end of their coin and plan to continue to update it with new features. Substratum was according to some people behaving unethically with the money that it made from its initial coin offering. The founders were said to be trading their own ICO funds according to some people.

    Others accused the company of artificially temporarily raising the price of their coin to sell it according to others. Unlike most other investments, investing in an initial coin offering gives an investor very few rights.

    An investor that purchases cryptocurrency at an initial coin offering does not have the power to make any company decisions as an ordinary investor does. Cryptocurrency investing, therefore, carries the risk that your investment can be ruined by poor decisions that are entirely outside of your control.

    Answered on August 8, 2019.
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