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    Quant runs on the basis of overledger technology. Overledger, which is a blockchain-oriented operating system, connects one blockchain to another. What’s more, it handily helps in joining a blockchain to a network thus creating a multi-chain interconnection.

    Essentially, it aids to distribute applications and value across existing and prospective blockchains. Just recently, Quant’s executives were in talks with Binance to incorporate its chain into overledger which would translate to verified blockchain enterprises having consistent access to the Binance chain.

    As such, the two firms would benefit from the business proposition since it would mean more customers for both. Binance Info, which is the backbone of quant, equips the community with an in-depth understanding of tokens and coins.

    Such vital info includes; rectifying incorrect or missing project data, forming an apt token profile in addition to actively contributing to news.

    Answered on August 8, 2019.
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