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    QSP was listed by Binance for trading in 2017. But how does one trade with qsp? Once you’ve registered on Binance and deposited cryptocurrencies such as ETH and Bitcoin into your Binance account, you are on the right track.

    The aforementioned currencies give you a great deal of flexibility. Make sure you confirm that your account is loaded. Navigate to the xchange’ icon and select asic’.

    Follow that through by selecting BTC/ETH for QSP on the top right corner. The appropriate pair appears based on the preferences, say, QSP/ETH. Once you’ve clicked on the trading pair, a pie chart pops up at the center. Thus, you are able to place the purchase order under the pie chart. If you wanted to buy QSP when it hits a certain limit, utilize the Limit order.

    What follows is the last step where you get to buy QSP. It is triggered by entering the desired price (in ETC) and the preferred number of QSPs you want to purchase.

    Buying QSP at the current market value is equally seamless. Navigate to the market tab, click on it and key in the number of QSPs you wish to purchase. Easy!

    Answered on August 8, 2019.
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