Binance Profit

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    Binance does not reveal its financials, you can, however, deduce their profit by analyzing their quarterly burns which are regularly announced by Binance, for instance, Binance announced that it burned about 830,000 BNB in Q1 2019, this represents 20% of its profits. Using the above figures and current exchange rates, Binance raked in $78,000,000 in the same quarter, this is a sharp rise compared to $47,000,000 in the previous quarter, this is up to 66% quarter-on-quarter.

    Binance has destroyed slightly over 11,600,000 BNB in 7 quarters since its inception, it is, therefore, suffice to say that Binance has raked it an approximate $750 million so far.


    Answered on August 8, 2019.
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