Binance Profit Calculator

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    A Binance profit calculator is a tool for measuring return on investment (ROI) of BNB, In simple terms, this tool calculates the amount of profit you have made should you have invested in BNB in the past.

    The tool calculates Binance ROI by searching prices of the coin recorded in it short history from the database, then the figures are compared to the current price and an arithmetic calculation is done to determine the profit or loss you would have made on it.

    This is the formula used to get BNB’s ROI, using an amount $x; firs it calculates the current amount in USD i.e {current BNB coin price * amount of BNB coin purchased in the past}

    ROI is now calculated by dividing the amount of US$ invested today by the invested amount then you multiply the result by 100. You need not do this calculation manually as there are bots available for that purpose.


    Answered on August 8, 2019.
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