Binance Order Types

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    There are a few different types of orders available via Binance, however, we will mainly focus on these three types of order types – Market Order, Limit Order, and Stop Limit Order, as these are the most popular types of orders available.

    Market Order – with Market Orders, you buy option will put up against the lowest ask price available for that quantity on the market. However, the option to sell will go against the highest option for that quantity on the market.

    Limit Order – with a Limit Order you are able to set the maximum and minimum parameters on which you will buy and sell on the market for any particular quantity.

    Stop Limit Order – the Stop Limit Order will act as a buffer which will protect traders against a sudden decrease in the markets and has proven an invaluable tool for traders on the market.

    Answered on August 7, 2019.
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