Binance Order Failed Insufficient Balance

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    There is a couple of different reasons why you may see the rder failed insufficient balance’ message when trying to complete a trade in Binance. The first, and most obvious reason is that you have insufficient funds available in your account, so in all instances when you see this message you should check your balance. However, it has been reported that some users get this message despite having sufficient funds available.

    This is a known buy which occasionally happens when the Binance system fails to update your balance instantly. In most occasions the fault resolves itself after a short time, however, occasionally this is not the case. If this proves to be an ongoing problem then you can always contact Binance customer support.

    It would also be worth keeping an eye on the official website or the community as any widespread problems that Binance is experiencing will likely be reported there, along with the current status, further updates, as long as notices when normal service is resumed.

    Answered on August 7, 2019.
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