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    When logging in into the Binance always makes sure you are logging in to the real Binance website to protect your self from scammers, also remember to keep your login details safe.

    Binance lost 2fa When running you trade on Binance it is important to always secure your 2fa key. But invent you lose it this is what you do; -Disable 2fa: you get 10 back-up keys after enabling 2fa, you can use these keys as an OTP, therefore, keep this safe as well for this kind of situation. The keys can be used to log in back in your account if you have lost your two-factor authentification.

    If you manage to login using OTP, disable the Binance 2fa temporarily. Note that you can only use this keys once, should you waste them all you might not be able to log back in, however after enabling 2fa again you will get a new set of key and the old ones become obsolete. – Back-up phone number; in the processes of setting up 2fa, you are prompted to add a backup phone number, this number will be used to send you the 2fa key.

    Answered on August 5, 2019.
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