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    Binance success has made it a magnet for scammers, scammers have been targeting innocent people by opening accounts on LinkedIn claiming to be employees of Binance. The CEO, Chanpeng Zhao issued a warning through twitter for Bianance users to be aware. He highlighted over 500 fake profiles that claimed to be employees of this world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

    The CEO went further to inform users that as a matter of in-house policy- employees of Binance who work with listing service are prohibited from listing their employer.

    He went further and gave examples of the kind of scams that such profile have engaged in. A majority of the fake LinkedIn accounts claimed to either be investors or traders; they attempt to lure individuals and ICO project into paying for the so-called advisory services which often include access to very lucrative “insider” information or listing of their project on Binance which might sound enticing to the unsuspecting victims.

    The CEO, commonly referred to as CZ, has clarified that the company of just over 500 employees does not contact anyone on listing application, therefore, avoid anyone who claims to do this to keep yourself safe.

    Answered on August 5, 2019.
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