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    While Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, there are many reasons to prefer its competitors’ exchanges. Even if you do not have problems getting Binance to work in your country, many other exchanges still have their advantages over Binance. These are two of the best known alternative cryptocurrency exchanges:

    a) Uphold Digital Money Platform (US) Uphold is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows people to conveniently trade not only in cryptocurrencies but in precious metals as well.

    Uphold is cloud-based and, unlike Binance, can easily be used without problems in the United States. Like most of Binance’s other competitors, the trading fee is relatively high. It does not beat Binance’s very low trading fees. Uphold can be used with either a Smartphone app or a web browser. Uphold is at least as secure as Binance and offers a similar two feature authentication system.

    b) eToro Cryptocurrency Trading eToro is an online trading platform that predates cryptocurrencies. eToro was originally only for traders of fiat currencies but began supporting cryptocurrency trading at a later date.

    The company was founded in Israel in 2006 and now aims to be easier to use than other online trading platforms. It is not as much of a cryptocurrency-focused platform as most of Binance’s other competitors and allows for the trading of commodities and indices as well. eToro cannot presently be used in the United States; the American version of the platform is currently shut down.

    One interesting feature of eToro is the option of opening a practice account. A practice account allows you to simulate the experience of using eToro but without risking any real money.

    In spite of not operating in the United States, eToro only allows you to deposit funds in American dollars.

    Answered on August 7, 2019.
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