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    Due to the problems with the security and global availability of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, many people are looking for comparable alternatives to Binance. The best solution for a cryptocurrency trader might be BitMax, which works very well for both amateur and professional traders.

    While BitMax is not nearly as large as Binance, it is still large enough that you can make a large profit from it. It offers a large list of features, almost to be compared to Binance. BitMax supports both margin trading and spot trading. One of the best things about BitMax is its low trading fee. With a trading fee of only 0.04%, BitMax is arguably the best cryptocurrency trading platform that one can use anywhere. Binance is not the only serious option if one is interested in trading cryptocurrency.

    In many ways, one is better off using BitMax. Unlike many of Binance’s other competitors, this is a cryptocurrency-focused platform, as opposed to a general investment platform that allows cryptocurrencies. While mining bitcoin is no longer profitable, there is still money in mining newer coins.

    BitMax allows users to mine coins on their platform using ordinary computer hardware. BitMax also offers the bitTreasure investment program, where a user can invest in packages of new cryptocurrencies and receive a high annual return in this way. Like Binance, BitMax has its own cryptocurrency, which seems to be a profitable investment. Initial coin offerings are more frequent and raise more money on Binance than they do on BitMax.

    However, it is not necessarily more profitable to invest in Binance ICOs. BitMax is based in Switzerland and takes legality very seriously. All of their trading and investment opportunities are sure to be compliant with the law and not existing in a legal grey area.

    Answered on August 7, 2019.
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