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    If you have the 16 digit code that you generated the first time you used Google Authenticator, adding a new number or resetting the old one on 2fa is fairly easy and straight forward. You can attach the new number or reset the old one by manually adding the code to the application. In the event you do not have the code, follow the following instructions;

    Note: Resetting the Google Authenticator, will disable 2FA protection, you should therefore immediately re-enable it to regain access. Resetting your Google Authenticator takes 7 to 10 days. For security reasons, any withdrawals from your account will be temporarily disabled after resetting your 2FA. – Level 2 users on Binance can reset their accounts by doing facial recognition.

    If you can’t pass the facial verification on the PC end; you could go through the QR scanning process using Binance APP. Android: Open the mobile application, click on “Account”, then click “Scan”, alternatively find the scanned symbol on the upper left corner on the homepage.

    -For iOS: Open the application on your Apple device, click on “Account” then find and select “Support” then select “Support” Upon completion of the processes above, your application will be reviewed by the relevant team at Binance.

    -For level one users: Upload identification document, complete a facial verification after answering all the security questions correctly.

    You are given a total of 10 multiple choice questions and you are required to answer all of them within the given time limit. Confirm your email to complete the reset.

    Answered on August 7, 2019.
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