Binance Gold Label

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    Binance gold label is a project launched by Binance to introduce the best 100 cryptocurrencies projects. The main reason for launching the project was to give honor and recognition, raise the quality of information, and bring transparency of information to Binance listed cryptos.

    Binance intends on having the Gold Label as the industry standard by providing users with trustworthy, accurate, timely updates on crypto projects, and comprehensive information.

    The gold label projects include the following; Wanchain, Tron, Verge, YOYOW, Qtum, Quark Chain, QLC Chain, Ontology, Project Pai, OST, NULS, Skycoin. The project that will be granted the Gold Label verification will enjoy the support; – Branding: They will enjoy industry recognition on Binance Info’s large network. -Community: Access to a large community of over 10 million Binance users.

    Honor: Being verified as a Binance Info Gold Label will endure the elimination of false information and protect the blockchain community. – Transparency: The 100 successful projects have access to a special channel to share project progress and updates to the millions of users in the blockchain community.

    Answered on August 7, 2019.
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