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    One site that is very similar to Binance for those who cannot access Binance in their country is Kucoin. Although based and mostly used in East Asia, it is available and becoming more popular internationally.

    Those who look for Binance alternatives sometimes only find a more basic service that allows one to trade only a few coins. Kucoin, on the other hand, has a large number of supported coins and advanced investment features. It is probably more similar to Binance than any other cryptocurrency exchange is.

    Like Binance, Kucoin offers its own coin. One of the best things about their currency is that much of the money Kucoin earns from transaction fees is sent to Kucoin holders.

    Therefore, one can make money by holding Kucoin even if it does not increase in value. If Kucoin is available in your country and Binance is not, Kucoin is likely your best option.

    Answered on August 7, 2019.
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