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Matic and all Binance IEOs pumped and dumped at the same time. In today’s post, we will talk about this pump and dump & who is responsible for this. 

Binance IEO Matic’s First Pump and Dump May of 2019

Let’s just pull out the magic chart since May of this year. And as we can see the first pump and dump happened then, Nasdaq shot up by over 14 percent in a matter of four days.

When this happened I put this post explaining what was going on. It wasn’t only Matic back then pumping but every single Binance IEO.

let’s start, what I had to say back then about this coordinated Binance pump and dump. Recently they’re able to pull off the most obvious coordinated pump and dump because of the hype Bill around Matic.

Matic got launched and then there was some hype that Coinbase invested in the seed round and it started pushing it up and up as seen from the below chart.

MATIC Network Pump

MATIC Network Pump

Then exchange coordinated shell armies infected are cryptocurrency saying Matic is going to keep going up it will be in the top 20 or 30 in market cap.

Then each and every launch pad cocaine started pumping, Fetch, Gifto, Celer and BitTorrent, all making some seriously ridiculous gains for no reason at all. And what do you think happened?

A coordinated dump by Sisi. His cronies and the shit going team members of each of these projects.

Matic got crushed, Celer got a bullet traded, Gifto got smacked upside the head, BitTorrent fared the best but still got crushed by nearly 10 percent every single one of these coins pumped and then dumped at the same time.

Fetch, Gifto, Celer and BitTorrent -- Pump & Dump

The Most Recent Matic Pump and Dump

If you can not see that this was coordinated by Wael token holders and they exchange. I think you need to get some glasses. Well pulling out that magic chart once again let’s look here. Another massive PND, eight months later literally pumping and then dumping to where it started before the pump.

The largest single-day loss in Maddox history, which I thought was impossible after the one in May. So once again Matic was the fire that started it all and started pumping like mad. Twitter and our cryptocurrency got flooded with bots putting out words of the pump and getting everyone new in the space or those who haven’t learned to FOMO in.

And then two nights ago, that dumb and looking at the other Binance IEO, similar patterns seller fetch A.I. and Harmony, one all-seeing significant pump gains and a dump right on schedule with Matic.

Now, why did this happen? Well for the one you need to understand what happens with Binance IEO projects regarding token distribution, IEO has some of the most unfair and corrupted distributions in the industry.

And what’s ironic, this information is all public. Just going to the Matic and Binance launchpad IPO details, things already don’t start to make sense regarding their token distribution. As we can see 19 percent of the supply of the total token was allocated to the launch pad IEO.

Matic Pump and Dump

Binance Pump and Dump

Yes in the public sale, for the people less than 20 percent of the tokens were allocated to them. This is the terrible distribution for one at least ICOs in 2017 gave the public at least 50 percent of the supply of tokens.

Now,  it says private sale allocation is one point seven percent of the supply in seed sale is 2.09 percent. So private and seed sale only made up three-point seventy-nine percent.

Binance IEO- Token Release Schedule

Now going to the chart breakdown advisors got 4 percent, stake in rewards as 12 percent, and the team gets 16 percent, almost as much as the entire public foundation, which is the team gets 22 percent and then the ecosystem which isn’t in the public but Matic partners like Binance get twenty-three point three percent.

Now here’s what’s fishy. The Website in exchange Binance, the one running the IEO doesn’t even have the token release schedule correct. At the top, it says thirty two point three percent of the total tokens will be the initial circulating supply.

Binance IEO- Token Release schedule

Does that look like thirty-two percent in the beginning of April when the tokens were released? Also, I thought the seed sale only had two-point 0 9 percent at max three point seven nine if you include the private sale.

Doesn’t that gray seed sale area look a lot more than three-point seventy-nine percent? Then if you go to where we are today December 2019. a seed sale looks to control 10 percent of the supply.

Now after the Matic dump and panic season, the CZ Binance took to his favorite platform Twitter and said

“Our team is still investigating the data but it’s already clear that the Matic team has nothing to do with it.  A number of big traders panicked, causing a cycle. Going to be a tough call and how much an exchange should interfere with people’s trading.”

CZ Binance Tweet Regarding Pump & Dump

He literally posted this just two hours after the dump. You already knew the Matic team himself had nothing to do with this?

Well Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder, said this. Please calculate the net amount transferred to all addresses and check it with our unlocked flash release schedule. It should be somewhere around the same numbers.

Well, a Samuel Gosling put out a tweet and got some panic started. He called out Maddox saying they had transferred 15 percent of the tokens and liquidated over 60 million dollars USD.

Well, old Sandy boy he made a mistake with its calculations and he apologized but still, 3 percent had been liquidated by the Matic team. So yes Matic was liquidating tokens, 3 percent of the supply over three hundred eighty-one million tokens has been sold on the Binance exchange.

So, the team had nothing to do with this dump. Well, Matic says they did not, as per this tweet, even linking a blog post trying to explain the whole debacle and putting the dump blame on Samuel’s tweet.

Well, that is 100 percent false as the dump started three hours before that tweet. Somebody is lying.

The Real Reason for the volatility and Dump.

Its corruption and skewed token distributions from IEOs.

So, my friends, only 19 percent of Matic’s tokens are in the public hands.

According to Etherscan, the top hundred holders of Matic own ninety-nine point one percent of the supply. Who do you think is the largest percentage owner of Matic tokens, besides, it came already dumped 3 percent.

Binance & CZ, they don’t just list projects on Binance for nothing guys. They take a percentage from CZ’s own words during an A.M.A about the launch pad. When he was accused of allocating percentages of tokens to his friends before the IEO lottery system.

Etherscan Report Regarding Pump & Dump

So there are a few misconceptions around the launch crowd. I want to clean up as well. Some people actually think that the to reserve for brands all for ourselves and I can honestly tell you there’s really no need if we want to even put a lot of locations out of certain projects.

We will just go to the projects that are almost directly. We will almost all get it. So there’s really no need for us to get to compete with our users on the public sale. Really just for public sale. It’s very simple. And if we want to give it to a number of whales like the large BNB holders, we could do that as well without affecting the public sale so we don’t do that. 

In the future, safely moved to BNB allocation models so you get a safe allocation based on the number of BNB you showed them, they say, where the whales are MFL and where the whale traders. So we may do that in the future may not. We haven’t decided yet.

CZ got himself a chunk of Matic and the Whale traders AK CZ cronies on his exchange. They also can get themselves an allocation not from the public side but completely private.

Remember that ecosystem allocation from Matic of over twenty-three percent.

Binance IEO Ecosystem Allocations

Well, look at all other Binance IEO ecosystem allocations. HarmonyOne over 20 percent, Band protocol over 20 percent. How about wink? Oh even more. But in the 20 percent range as well.

HarmonyOne Ecosystem Allocation

Why do you think all these different projects both strategically and fundamentally have such similar token economics right down to the ecosystem allocation. While Binance and the brine aren’t crony whales are a part of that ecosystem.

The whales, the project team and Binance control of these coins down to the hourly chart movements. Traders are literally at their whim. Just look at another scan, for fetch a similar story top hundred holders control over 98 percent of the supply and it gets worse.

HarmonyOne for EIC 20. Only the top hundred holders control 100 percent of the I.R.S.. 20 tokens supply and Nick White, co-founder of harmony said they stand by the whole Matic team. 

Why would Binance and their friends pull off such an epic pump and dump out of nowhere, while a couple of days ago a U.S. exchange closure got swept under the rug, Huobi’s American arm H Buss abruptly gave their customers a week to withdraw as the exchange would be shutting down on Dec. 15.

Now there is no official word on why they are shutting down but they are saying it’s because of lackluster exchange performance, which isn’t false.

Band Protocol Ecosystem Allocation

The exchange started well after lunch getting over one million in volume but after the July madness volume has fallen off of a cliff.

Although I don’t believe them for one second that they are shutting down their U.S. arm because they are just giving up. U.S. exchange arm is a major strategic advantage for any international exchange, they were booted out because of a regulator.

Justin may launch a new group with the aim of launching institutional products. They said they would be working on token lending, OKC trading and issuing a stable coin while by July, Warby launches a new stable coin under PAC SOS custody.

It was called 8 USD and it would be integrated into Huobi’s main exchange first and then HBUS later. While it made it to the main exchange over one hundred million have been issued since launch.

But the US exchange. No, because it’s a centralized dollar rival. And if you see behind the lines a class of Huobi American arm, you get the feeling it’s coming from Binance US too.

Why? Because Warby and Binance are the best of friends and both supply each other with their American connections.

For example, Binance launches stable coin by USD. Who did they partner with? PAXOS, it’s the same one who Obie used. And guess what.

Wink Ecosystem Allocation

The USD is listed on Binance U.S. they are getting back. The same people behind who Huobi US are the ones behind Binance US. 

Let’s watch my old expose from July. while they exchange tried to ease the pain by announcing the day before they would be launching a separate U.S. exchange with full regulatory compliance. The Web site even says the exchange is coming soon.

Now if we read the announcement we will see it’s operated by Bam trading services and built from technology’s licensed by Binance. So what is this? Binance operating the exchange or a mystery company called BAM trading services.

During an Internet search of Bam trading services, it brings up nothing. The only thing I could find relating to the company was their money services business registration, which is only signed and received a couple of days earlier on June 11.

We also find out from this they are located in San Francisco and share an office with Koi compliance. Now if we check Koi compliance Website, we found out that exchange that should not be named is the sole investor in Koi digging deeper we find out who Koi is and what they do.

They operate out of San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Beijing and offer private efficient and compliant over-the-counter services.

Concluding words

It’s obvious this is their compliant over the counter desk being used to penetrate markets with the exchanges name but under owners who won’t automatically go to jail. Koi compliance and BAM trading are tools still under seizes control.

Just now he has a plan in place to take the heat off of them from regulators. Now you want to know what is funny. This was all set up and coordinated by a former high-level employee at another Chinese exchange who has done something similar.

Huobi in their creation of Huobi US, by doing some digging I found out that how Chen is the CEO of Koi and if we see his previous experience as a former CTO at Huobi U.S. and director of engineering at Huobi Global.

After he successfully created Huobi us he is now contracted by finance to do something similar for them. 

So if things are as they seem and Koi trading is behind this which is confirmed from this coin as Article bam trading appears to be working with quite compliant the fully managed solutions wing of the OKC crypto trader, Koi trading since they share the exact same mailing address.

Also, Binance labs invested three million into decoy trading on January 24th. All I’m saying is be wary of Binance my friends they are still operating in the US with no regard for the regulators like they are not kicking off the US traders off of the main Binance exchange like they were supposed to go.

The Binance US reckoning is coming and that is the reason for this pump and dump. CZ knows this. So he cast out big time for himself and his friends or he cast out big time to pay the bribe to allow him to continue to operate inside of the US.

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