If you are investing, you want to know how much money will you get in the end. Some troublesome mathematics can give you that answer. However, you can calculate the amount with the interest calculator page. There is no need to go through all the difficulty of calculating. You will find all the calculations done for you here.

How does the profit calculator work?

At first, but the amount you want to invest in the calculator.

Then place the date when you start investing. So, it can calculate how much profit you are gaining over time.

After this, you need to put the interest rate. It is the percentage of profit that you will get one investment.

Now you need to place the terms of your profit. This is the total period of your investment. You can make investment duration for a day or a year or even longer. It is important because the calculator will use this information to find out what will be your earning at the end of the investment period. It will help to collect all the profits according to the terms.

Then provide how often the interest will be charged on your investment. This could be once a month, every day, once a week and so on. After you set this the interest rate will automatically apply to the investment and reinvestment. (If you invest $100 per day, your interest is 4% then your profit is $4 each day. That means you have $104 now.

After this, you need to re-invest. Now the reinvestment is connected to the compound interest. Instead of having the total amount re-invested only a percentage of it will be re-invested. So, if you invest $100 with an interest rate of 4% upon which 50% will be re-invested. Hence, if you invest $100 in the first week and your interest rate gives you a profit of $4. Then in the following week, the amount to re-invest will be 50% of your profit. It means that your re-investment quantity is $102.

If you spend time with the calculator, you may find some hacks and tricks of your sleeve that can give you better profits.