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Today, more people are interested in Cryptocurrency trading than ever before. While it is risky, a person does have a reasonable chance of making a great deal of money trading cryptocurrency.

The single best place to trade cryptocurrency is the Binance exchange. Binance has both a wider variety of coins to trade than and lower fees than other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our aim with this website is to create a top-notch resource for information about the Binance exchange. This wiki should give a new trader all the information they need to understand how the Binance exchange works and how to succeed at trading on it. We also offer more advanced knowledge that is of more use to experienced traders.

Who created this wiki? is an independent informational resource that is not maintained by the Binance company. The wiki intends to offer the best in news articles, how-to guides, and strategy. While Binance did not build our site, it is the work of experienced professional traders.

We offer a wide variety of information to veteran traders as well as new traders. We provide detailed guides on advanced trading strategies. We analyze scores of different indicators and organize them into several different types of charts. We welcome your help in making this Binance wiki even better than it already is. If there is any critical information that our wiki fails to provide, lets us know about it!

Our aspirations

We aspire to become the single best unofficial resource for information on Binance. Our topics already include strategy, detailed descriptions of Binance’s features, features Binance intends to release in the future, how to trade without taking enormous risks, and how to use trading indicators properly.

Trading strategies

On Binance wiki, we will keep you up to date on all of the trading strategies that traders succeed with on Binance. As well as tutorials for the common tactics that traders use in general, we offer information about new approaches that are specific to the cryptocurrency market.

Risk management

Putting a significant amount of money into trading without an understanding of risk management can result in financial disaster. This wiki contains risk management articles to help new and more experienced traders deal with risk responsibly.

How-to guides for the Binance platform

While Binance is better than any other cryptocurrency exchange, it is not a very newbie-friendly website. We will help you understand all of the terms involved, use all of the tools that Binance offers, and follow the charts and figures that Binance shows you.

Information about new coins

Part of the success of Binance comes from the hundreds of altcoins that the exchange allows users to trade. If a new coin is soon to be released, we can give you information to help you decide whether or not to participate in an initial coin offering. People often make fortunes in cryptocurrency by investing in coins that are rapidly increasing in value, but investing in a lousy currency with little to offer can result in losses.

Trading bots

While one cannot find a bot that will automatically generate money without the user having to put any skill into trading, bots can sometimes be part of a real trader’s strategy. The Binance wiki aims to help traders with information about which bots are currently capable of assisting you at automating some of your trading activity.

Educating the public

We intend to make cryptocurrency more mainstream. The world would see all sorts of improvements if the public could choose what type of currency they want to use. In the future, we believe and hope that ordinary people will use cryptocurrency to order things online and to buy items in person. We intend to do our part to make cryptocurrency as universal as possible.

While these guides are written and quality-controlled by experienced professional traders, everyone still trades at their own risk. We cannot, of course, guarantee that any of our advice will work. All traders lose money sometimes; one can only learn to make more than they lose on average. For this reason, you should use a small amount of money to test a strategy before risking more money on it in the future. While the Binance exchange does not offer practice accounts, it does allow you to make small trades, so you can safely test strategies. Our advice, of course, is not guaranteed to work. We are not responsible for any losses resulting from our information under any circumstance.

A frequently updated WIKI

As the Binance exchange introduces new coins and new features, we aim to keep updating the wiki with further information. Our information is some of the best in the business. We are among the first to offer information about a coin that is soon to be released, or a new strategy that many Binance traders are using. All of our articles are available for free. We believe that more quality information will make cryptocurrency more mainstream and think that there is still a shortage of useful information about the market.

We value constructive criticism and comments!

Comments are what keeps a wiki, a blog, or a forum alive. We welcome comments and discussions. We can benefit from your criticism more than we can benefit from your praise. The more comments and e-mails you send us, the easier it is for us to bring you relevant new content.

About the Wiki’s Founder Bart Bregman


I am Bart Bregman, the founder of the Binance Wiki. I am a successful 27-year-old cryptocurrency trader from the Netherlands, who aims to bring my knowledge to the public by creating an ideal resource for information about Binance. I love what I do as I can live anywhere and take my work with me wherever I go. My day trading began as a side job but has since become my profession. As well as cryptocurrency, I trade stocks, fiat currency, and binary options. As a firm believer in the advantages of online self-employment, I aim to help others reach the stage at which they can make a full time living without an employer.

About the Wiki’s Founder Niels Hammer

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